I love him so.

The hubby is coming. He has his tickets, and will be here December 8th. SO SO SOOOOO happy. We’re going to be working on getting my stuff ready to ship and then we will be going back to Canada together. Finally! He said he’s not going back without me.

I finally get to be with my husband like normal wives do! It’s so very hard being away from the man you love with all your heart for so damn long. I’d give anything to change these months we’ve been apart to a few days. I’ll never take it for granted. It hurts being apart.

I am just getting over a cold. Lily is now coming down with it and feeling pretty rotten. She’s such a big girl now. Eight teeth, and she walks like she’s been doing it for ages. She talks about everything and anything. I think her favorite word is *daddy* not dada… but DADDY! She loves to eat. She will eat anything I give her…well except green beans, but I think she gets that from daddy. She loves pasta and veggies and chicken.

I’ve started knitting my aunt a wrapghan for xmas, but it will probably end up being a birthday (February) present for her since it’s sooooo big and taking me awhile. I still have to finish my friend’s bday/xmas gift and Alanna’s arm warmers. I love knitting, and I think I am addicted to yarn and fiber. I have a drop spindle and some wool. I am gonna try to spin some up soon. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, did I mention how I love my husband? I do! Life may have it’s poop stains, but I’m pretty damn content at the moment. I have an amazing husband and wonderful kids. *swoon*


~ by godinki on November 12, 2009.

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