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I tried spinning on a drop spindle. Urgh. I suck. I am having so much problem with drafting I think. My fiber is too thick when it twists. So if I were going for bulky, it’d probably be great. I told Eric I wanted a wheel. Maybe I can save up for one someday. I still want a serger too. So much stuff. Maybe after we get our place set up I can start putting aside money for a serger or wheel.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I don’t really have anything planned. Canadian thanksgiving has passed already. I don’t have much family here, just mom and an aunt. I’m okay with no big celebrations. For christmas though, I want to be in Canada with Eric’s huge family. One can only hope. *crossing my fingers*

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I love him so.

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The hubby is coming. He has his tickets, and will be here December 8th. SO SO SOOOOO happy. We’re going to be working on getting my stuff ready to ship and then we will be going back to Canada together. Finally! He said he’s not going back without me.

I finally get to be with my husband like normal wives do! It’s so very hard being away from the man you love with all your heart for so damn long. I’d give anything to change these months we’ve been apart to a few days. I’ll never take it for granted. It hurts being apart.

I am just getting over a cold. Lily is now coming down with it and feeling pretty rotten. She’s such a big girl now. Eight teeth, and she walks like she’s been doing it for ages. She talks about everything and anything. I think her favorite word is *daddy* not dada… but DADDY! She loves to eat. She will eat anything I give her…well except green beans, but I think she gets that from daddy. She loves pasta and veggies and chicken.

I’ve started knitting my aunt a wrapghan for xmas, but it will probably end up being a birthday (February) present for her since it’s sooooo big and taking me awhile. I still have to finish my friend’s bday/xmas gift and Alanna’s arm warmers. I love knitting, and I think I am addicted to yarn and fiber. I have a drop spindle and some wool. I am gonna try to spin some up soon. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, did I mention how I love my husband? I do! Life may have it’s poop stains, but I’m pretty damn content at the moment. I have an amazing husband and wonderful kids. *swoon*


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My mother gives Lily a gummy worm after this convo.

Her – Lily come here, I have something for you.

Me – Don’t give her that, she will choke, she doesn’t have enough teeth to chew it.

Her – You think?

Me – Yes.

She hands her the gummy worm and walks off.

I’m fuming. So just totally disregard my wishes with MY daughter. Just because you are a grandmother (if you can really call her that *eyeroll*) doesn’t mean you can just override my rules.


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I really wish I could just have my thyroid taken out. I am so sick of it not working right. I am done with being exhausted all the time. I have no energy for anything. I feel down and sick all the time. I just want to have the energy to do the stuff I need to get done. The energy to play with my kids all day. My energy levels are that of a 60 year old.


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Yesterday was a bad day emotionally. Dealing with my ex and the child custody issues were just bleh. I have the most wonderful attorney ever though.

I’ve been working on Lily’s Sheepy Pants. I suck so bad at short rows. I’m not even sure I am doing them correctly. It’s okay though. I am learning. I’ve come a long way with my knitting in the past few months. I am going to be taking on some new projects. I want to make the girls a bunny from Mary Jane’s Tea Room. I also picked up some yarn to make Ryan a Dead Fish Hat.  There are so many things I want to make. I need to get some warm stuff made up for our first winter in Canada. Argh. Moving from Texas to Canada! We have no warm clothes.

Today… I’ve been in an exceptionally good mood. I want to spread my happiness to others. I want everyone to feel good today, or at least those that cross my path.

Oh…another addiction I probably don’t need… spinning wool. Yikes. It looks so awesome. I really want to get started, but I have nothing yet, and not a clue on how to go about it.